The Painted Planet

This website shows landscape paintings from Wikidata, as queried from the Wikidata sparql endpoint.

The paintings give an idea of what places once looked like (to the painter). Maybe they will provide a pleasant stop during an armchair travelling trip. Maybe they will add something to your 'sense of place' of a place.

And maybe they will make you ponder large-scale rewilding for a moment.

How to add paintings to the map?

To appear on the map, a Wikidata item should be a painting (Q3305213) with the following properties:

This website caches data, but everything is refreshed once a week.

This query selects random landscape paintings without a 'depicts' statement


As you can see, current data is not distributed equally over countries. Possibly, this is partly explained by the popularity of painting as an artform in the Western world.

When adding, you might want to consider adding depictions of places in countries that lack in pictorial presence.